Welcome to the SGC!

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    Welcome to the SGC!

    Post  GMastEr on 23/11/2009, 01:12

    This information is provided for prospective members, so please read it carefully.

    Welcome to the Sunderland Games Club forums!

    We are the official gaming society of the University of Sunderland, open ONLY to current and former students of Sunderland University.

    We mainly play roleplaying games, tabletop wargames, computer games and collectible card games.  The society is based in Sunderland and runs during term time.

    This forum is for current members and attendees of the society only, so please make yourself known to one of the forum administrators at the club so we can activate your account.

    Anyone who creates a forum account will receive a request for confirmation in the form of an email, so please be aware of this.
    Thank you!

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